About Us


Welcome to JenaJae – we appreciate you for stopping by our store!


We are a family-founded online store, created by parents, for parents. We understand the ups and downs of parenting because we've been there – juggling diapers and sleepless nights with our four wonderful kids. JenaJae is here as your companion to help on this always interesting, sometimes exciting, and definitely never boring - parenting adventure.


"With Your Baby in Mind"

At JenaJae, everything revolves around your baby. We believe that quality, comfort and functionality are an essential part of your parenting journey and your babies experience.


Heart Behind JenaJae

Our story starts with the recognition that parenting is beautifully chaotic, and our goal is to make your journey smoother in any way we can. JenaJae emerged from our desire to simplify life for parents, offering a one-stop shop to help with your parenting needs. We value your time, so we've gathered the essentials you need in one place.


Family-Focused Approach

What makes JenaJae special is our family-focused perspective. We understand the importance of quality, safety, and reliability for your little ones. Every item in our collection is carefully chosen because we wouldn't settle for anything less for our own children, and we expect the best for yours too.


Navigating Parenthood Together

Parenthood is a shared journey. At JenaJae, we're building a supportive community. Our blog is a space to share experiences, offer advice, and connect with other parents navigating the chaos of raising children. Together, let's embrace the challenges and celebrate the triumphs of parenthood.


Thank you for being part of Our JenaJae family. We're here to make your parenting journey easier, more joyful, and a lot more convenient. With your baby in mind, JenaJae is more than a store – we're your partner in parenting.